Solomon Webinar

Smart Pick and Pack Solution for Intralogistics Applications

Thursday, December 3, 2020 | 10:00 AM CET


Dealing with a diverse array of unfamiliar objects, each with unique shapes and sizes, presents a formidable challenge for robotic automation.

The strength of SmartPack lies in its capability to seamlessly grasp these highly heterogeneous items, even without prior knowledge of their attributes. Its straightforward yet intuitive interface positions SmartPack as a robust pick and pack solution for intralogistics picking applications.

Join us in our this webinar to witness how Solomon can assist you in achieving efficient and effective automation of your material handling processes.


  1. How does bin picking in logistics differ from bin picking in manufacturing industries?
  2. The advantages that SmartPack provides for intralogistics picking applications
  3. How SmartPack can assist you in effectively executing piece picking projects
  4. Live demo of piece picking with SmartPack
  5. Q&A


Henry Chen, Senior Sales Manager

Henry Chen

Senior Sales Manager

Luis Cardenas, Senior Field Application Engineer

Luis Cardenas

Senior Field Application Engineer

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