The customer is a producer and supplier of complete sanitary equipment operating across many countries in Europe.

The Challenge

The customer required a solution that allowed them to fully automate the picking of their parts, taking them out of the bin and placing them into a rotating carousel where a different machine would make the threads for bolts into the plastic.

Initially, this task was carried out through manually operated machines, which did not allow for the operation to be carried out uninterruptedly. In addition, the customer required a solution that was robust enough to accurately identify the optimal picking point of the objects arriving in a semi-structured layout.

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Semi-structured bin picking of plastic parts

Our Approach 

AccuPick 3D

Solomon’s award-winning solution, AccuPick 3D, offered an autonomous bin picking system that increased robot precision. Our powerful software was used in combination with the Solomon scanner to take high-quality images at the beginning of each cycle to recalculate the position of the parts within the bin.

Through this procedure, the UR10 Cobot was able to complete its mission while fulfilling the customer’s accuracy requirements, allowing for complete automation of the task.


  • Accuracy requirements successfully achieved.
  • Full automation of the task, significantly increasing throughput.
  • Reduction of errors.

Join the growing number of factories utilizing intelligent vision systems to improve the way they handle their parts.

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