Textiles and Footwear

  • a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm

    Glass Fiber Bobbin Deracking

    The challenge of accurately identifying the bobbin position in the rack is successfully resolved with the implementation of AI-based robotic 3D vision using SolScan and AccuPick.

  • Inspecting Packaging Seals

    Based on deep learning technology, SolVision can determine whether a seal is intact by comparing a perfect packaging with potential variations

  • Multi Colored Plastic Round Toy

    Automated Visual Inspection of Yarn

    Using AI-powered SolVision, the AI model is capable of identifying flaws quickly and accurately to improve detection rates and production yield, while reducing the burden on manual inspection.

  • AI Visual Inspection on Ribbons

    Using Solomon SolVision’s Instance Segmentation tool, all kinds of colored and patterned ribbons can be inspected to locate different defects big or small.

  • AI Visual Inspection of Socks

    After being trained with a small set of sample images, Solomon SolVision can identify defective products in real-time.

  • AI Inspection of Plastic Buckles

    Powered by artificial intelligence, SolVision features four individual tools designed for different inspection tasks.