META-aiviCase Study

PCB Inspection Using AR Glasses


The customer is a Fortune Global 500 company providing solutions to telecommunication companies and cloud service providers worldwide.


Electronic Component Inspection

PCB inspection is a complex multistep process. Verifying correct assembly requires identification and placement of all the right components in their corresponding sockets.

engineer is soldering a circuit board


The Cost of Human Error in Electronics Manufacturing

PCB assembly is traditionally carried out manually; however, the reflective nature of PCB components increases the likelihood of human error due to fatigue and eye strain from prolonged exposure to reflected artificial light. Errors during the assembly process – such as missing or incorrectly placed components – affect PCB functionality and impact overall product quality. To negate this the customer wanted a reliable inspection solution that could intercept errors made during assembly.


Optimizing Inspection with META-aivi and RealWear Glasses

Using AR glasses and our easy-to-operate wearable AI, operators are able to accurately identify PCB components and verify that they have been placed correctly. Operators are also able to immediately detect any assembly errors and rectify them. The inspection results are uploaded simultaneously to the customer’s server – enabling the customer to analyze the inspection data and make improvements to their assembly and quality control procedures.

META-aivi Inspection Results

AI inspection of PCB using META-aivi showing anomalies detected
META-aivi detects assembly anomalies
AI inspection of PCB using META-aivi showing inspection passed
AI inspection passed


Reduced average inspection time, leading to increased productivity across the assembly line.
Improved product quality by minimizing human error and mitigating the fatigue factor.
Enhanced the assembly process and quality control procedures through data analysis of the inspection results recorded by META-aivi.

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