Labor intensive automotive industries

The production of automotives relies on multi-stage processes that need to be synchronized in order to deliver high-standard products. These more often than not require the correct positioning of parts, and demand a level of robot support and precision not offered by traditional vision systems.

Limitations of laser triangulation solutions

Automotive sealing processes need to be conducted precisely to avoid material waste and robot collisions. When it comes to large automotive parts that need to be scanned, commonly used laser triangulation solutions have a limited field of view that may cause significant deviation or incorrect locating of parts, leading to substandard production.

AI & 3D feature detection

Solomon’s VGR solution, Solmotion, uses cutting-edge AI and 3D technologies to assist complex manufacturing operations such as car sealing. Many different car models can be learned simultaneously then quickly identified on the production line by capturing the 3D point cloud of a small, unique feature. Machine learning-based recognition helps multi-robot systems generate or adjust sealing paths in real-time, to locate cars regardless of any shifts in parts or orientation.