SolVisionCase Study

Foreign Particle Detection in IV Bags


The customer is a European multinational enterprise that manufactures pharmaceutical products and medical devices worldwide.


IV Bag Inspection for Quality Control

The customer required a robust inspection system that allowed them to detect any foreign particles in IV bags with 100% accuracy to comply with the strict quality control standards in the healthcare industry.

transparent IV bag on a clear background


Limitations of Manual Inspection

Manual inspection is unable to detect foreign particles precisely or efficiently due to the small size of particles and varied bag colors. The customer required an automated solution that is accurate and reliable with minimal overkill rate. The inspection cycle time was to be completed within 1 second per bag. The customer tried other solution providers but they failed due to the difficult requirements and complexity of this project. Solomon was the only solution provider to succeed.


Innovative AI Solution from Solomon

Solomon’s AI vision system, SolVision, was implemented to identify foreign particles. Solomon engineers designed an innovative automated optical inspection station composed of two 2D Basler cameras positioned below a glass screen. As the particles came down to the bottom, a light system placed above the IV bags enabled SolVision’s sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm to detect foreign particles.


SolVision successfully detected all foreign particles with 100% inspection accuracy
SolVision completed the entire process with a 0% overkill rate
The inspection cycle time was 500 milliseconds per bag, beating the target set by the customer
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