Optical Character Recognition

  • Intelligent Remote Facility Management

    Machine vision is utilized to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This information is sent to the cloud to create an inspection report, allowing plant operators to easily monitor facility inspection through mobile devices.

  • Pressure gauge psi meter in pipe and valves of water, oil and gas system industry

    Gauge Meter Reading Using AR + AI

    Explore META-aivi’s impact on plastics manufacturing, achieving 70% faster gauge meter readings, automated data uploads, and reduced meter reading errors.

  • Visual Inspection of Stainless Steel Tubes

    SolVision’s superior recognition capabilities ensures that OCR of bicycles can be accurately carried out regardless of how the identification numbers look or light refraction levels.

  • Automated Recognition of License Plates & Cargo Container Numbers

    Solvison enables OCR for license plates and container numbers even when shapes, color and locations of characters vary, and are pictured in poor lighting conditions.

  • Man in Black Jacket and Black Knit Cap Inspecting Car Engine

    Recognition of Automobile Identification Numbers

    With SolVision OCR identification numbers can be analyzed and converted into numerical data for database logging and connecting with automobile identification numbers in real-time

  • AI Inspection of Rubber Tires

    Inner wheels are rubber rings that each have a corresponding serial number to help identify its model specifications and matching tire size.

  • AI Inspection for Semiconductor Components

    Overcoming traditional AOI limitations, Solomon’s SolVision quickly performs OCR without being affected by background or lighting conditions, complexity, or appearance of the serial number.

  • AI Inspection for Product Labels

    Using AI deep learning, Solomon SolVision’s Instance Segmentation tool can learn the many types of text and number defects on labels, even if they are irregular or subtle.

  • 如何快速精準辨識多種IC Tray盤字元

    Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Trays

    Solomon SolVision’s Feature Detection tool first learns the position of the tray, then performs OCR with more flexibility than AOI systems.