Pharmaceuticals and Medical

  • transparent IV bag on a clear background

    Foreign Particle Detection in IV Bags

    SolVision achieves a 100% detection rate of foreign particles in IV bags through an innovative AI vision system for efficient defect detection.

  • Surgical clamps and medical equipment on a green surgical tray inside operating room

    Surgical Instrument Preparation Using AI

    Optimized surgical instrument preparation with META-aivi for enhanced patient safety. 60% time saved. 100% item identification accuracy.

  • presence/absence detection of PTP using SolVision AI inspection software

    Blister Pack Inspection Using AI

    SolVision transforms blister pack inspection, overcoming reflective material challenges to improve accuracy and efficiency in pharmaceutical production with AI.

  • AI Visual Identification and Classification of Cells

    Deploy SolVision’s advanced AI model to identify and classify cells where traditional AOI systems are insufficient in detecting and determining cell variations

  • Visual Inspection of Glass Bottles

    Through advanced image processing, SolVision can fully automate inspection processes to detect production flaws.

  • Inspecting Packaging Seals

    Based on deep learning technology, SolVision can determine whether a seal is intact by comparing a perfect packaging with potential variations

  • AI Quality Control for Medical Consumables

    SolVision detects and analyzes transparent syringe parts of various textures and shapes which are typically too difficult for AOI systems to inspect

  • AI Quality Control for Medical Masks Manufacturing

    SolVision’s deep learning inspection software reduces the number of defects to almost zero during medical mask production

  • IV Bag Classification Using AI

    SolVision enables IV bag classification, streamlining sorting processes and ensuring greater accuracy. Explore our advanced AI-based inspection solution.