JustPickNext Generation Intralogistics

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JustPick Product Description

JustPick is Solomon’s dedicated picking solution for streamlined intralogistics. Capable of unknown picking, JustPick can recognize and handle unknown SKUs without requiring training or programming and can operate without interruption. By automating picking processes JustPick saves time and labor, making it the ideal solution for optimizing operations that deal with large quantities of unknown SKUs.

JustPick Key Advantages

AI-powered vision systems help robots ‘see’ so they can perform tasks for order fulfillment much more cost-efficiently. With JustPick, robots no longer need to be trained to recognize objects, allowing them to sort and handle large quantities of unknown SKUs on the fly.

Process large, random inventories without programming

Automated sorting to increase throughput

Reduced overhead costs & uninterrupted operations

Compatible with over 20 major robot brands

JustPick Key Features

Created for the e-commerce picking process, JustPick’s custom-built functions help robots identify and pick packages of different shapes and sizes autonomously.

‘Unknown’ picking

JustPick eliminates the need for robots to ‘know’ what objects are in order to pick, allowing large inventories to be processed without having to learn each SKU one by one.

Intelligent gripper

Upon locating an item, JustPick automatically configures the optimum gripping approach, and if needed, adjusts the number of active suction cups to ensure a secure grasp.

Easy integration

JustPick is compatible with over 20 robot brands, numerous PLCs, and 3D cameras including ToF, structured light, and stereo vision.

Faster set up

No programming is required to operate JustPick. Our user-friendly UI allows users to drag-and-drop preset function blocks to create their unique workflow.