Picking of complex objects used in the aerospace industry


The customer is a well-known European-based aerospace parts manufacturer with global operations.

Customer Requirements:

The customer required a solution that allowed the company to build up a fully automated kitting line.

Challenge: Kitting a massive volume of parts

The huge amount of parts used in the customers kitting line and their irregular SKUs, some of which could be as tiny as 5mm, caused a daily massive labor effort. A better solution had to be found because arranging them with a flex feeder lacked the flexibility required. The customer decided to find a more advanced and flexible solution.

Solomon’s Bin Picking Solution

Solomon’s Bin Picking Solution – AccuPick 3D offered the customer a single software package that was able to recognize 50+ different parts in a working station. Using the power of its AI software, AccuPick 3D was able to recognize a 5mm sized washer, even when there were overlapping objects.
Being able to recognize pieces of such small size has always been a challenging task for the 3D vision solutions, but AccuPick 3D effectively solves it by relying on a single vision software that allows it to fulfill the needs of customers, helping them to lower operational costs and maximize profits.

Do you face similar challenges in your kitting process?

Dealing with very small objects and still working with a bulky feeder in your factory?

Solomon Bin Picking Solution - client success stories -智能取放系統解決方案
Solomon Bin Picking Solution - client success stories