assorted 5mm washers

AccuPickCase Study

Small Parts Bin Picking


The customer is a widely recognized aerospace parts manufacturer based in Europe, operating globally.


Handling Diverse and Numerous Parts for Automated Kitting Line

The customer needed a solution to establish a completely automated kitting line for their operations. The main challenge was handling a large volume of parts, which varied in size and had irregular SKUs. Some parts were as small as 5 mm.

This resulted in a significant daily labor effort to organize them using a flex feeder, which lacked the necessary versatility. Therefore, the customer opted to search for a more advanced and agile solution.


Achieving Automation Efficiency with Solomon’s Bin Picking Solution

AccuPick 3D, Solomon’s smart bin picking solution, provided the customer with a fully comprehensive vision system capable of identifying over 50 different parts within a workstation.

Leveraging the power of Solomon’s AI software, AccuPick 3D successfully recognized 5 mm washers, even when other objects were overlapping.

Traditionally, detecting objects of such small size has posed challenges for regular 3D vision solutions. However, AccuPick 3D overcame this obstacle.


Improved the efficiency of the customer’s kitting line by automating the process and handling diverse parts.
AccuPick 3D successfully handled small-sized objects, like 5 mm washers, even when overlapping with other items.
AccuPick 3D offered a versatile solution, identifying over 50 different parts and accommodating irregular SKUs.

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