Automated AI Visual Inspection for Food Processing

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Hygiene and safety standards are crucial in food processing. Strict quality assurance processes are required to maintain the necessary standards, therefore visual inspection during the production stage is essential for ensuring consistency and quality.

Manual Inspection is Vulnerable to Human Error

During food production, the appearance of processed food can vary at times, and individual products are often randomly scattered on the conveyor belt. Traditional food inspection is carried out manually and despite the large manpower involved, the process has never been fully efficient. Excessive manpower on the production line can also cause sanitation issues. Food brands looking to maximize throughput require a smarter solution that can monitor product quality and detect anomalies. 

AI-Powered Defect Inspection

Solomon’s visual inspection solution, Solvision, uses AI to learn the various types of defects and recognizes them as they pass through fast-moving conveyor systems. Manual inspection can be replaced by real-time AI imaging and analysis to identify defective products, without requiring extensive training.

Solvision Case Study | Inspecting Chicken Nuggets

Black Stains

Defect Inspection in Processed Food Production

Brown Stains

Defect Inspection in Processed Food Production


Defect Inspection in Processed Food Production


Defect Inspection in Processed Food Production

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