Tracking and tracing consumer goods

Rapidly growing demand for compliance and traceability of products across a range of industries is driving increased demand for laser marking applications.

Object positioning and costly fixtures

Laser marking requires high precision and repeatability, which calls for exact or complex positioning of individual objects in order for the laser-on-robot to execute the marking. This often requires hardware fixtures to pin down parts, or manual workers on the production line to flip or rotate items, making this a costly and rigid process.

AI-based part positioning

Solmotion delivers precise and continuous laser marking for an endless variety of unique objects. Its AI-based 3D scanning technology is capable of part positioning in real-time, helping robots accurately identify objects and regions that require markings based on recognition of partial features. This eliminates the need for alignment fixtures, and increases yield as the flexibility drastically reduces changeover time. Through the embedded programming of over 20 different robot brands in the software, Solmotion is conveniently designed so that it can be integrated into any existing production cell or process with ease.