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AI Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays

Detecting missing or incorrectly placed chips in trays

Carrier trays and the final stage of packaging

After inspection and singulation processes, semiconductor trays move chips to chip pockets for the final transfer to customers. However, chips are small and light, and during handling are prone to duplicated, missed, tilted or inversed placing on trays.

Detecting missing or incorrectly placed chips in trays

Unpredictable placement scenarios

Missing or misplaced semiconductor chips come in many forms, and the result is a large number of variations in location, angle and direction. It is near impossible to establish rules for traditional rule-based systems to recognize all the different types of defective placements.

AI deep learning of abnormal features

With SolVision’s Segmentation tool, the various placement possibilities of chips on carrier trays can be learned by AI image processing. After training, the AI model can accurately and easily mark deviations on carrier trays to recognize and locate abnormal chips.

AI Inspection

Green  Correct placement     Yellow 2 overlapping card slots       Orange 3 overlapping card slots

Chip jumper inspection case

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