The end-customer is a well-known European-based automotive parts manufacturer. This production line is solely focused on the production of air conditioners for one of the leading carmakers in Germany.

Customer Requirements and Challenges:

The customer required a solution that allowed the company to build up a fully automated kitting and assembly line.

Challenge: Kitting a massive volume of parts

The customer needed to arrange dozens of robot arms in a compact working area, which was a constraint due to the heavy duty vibrating mechanisms combined with 2D vision, because they usually occupy a lot of space.

Solomon’s 3D Vision Solution

Our proposed Solomon 3D vision solution didn’t require the use of the said equipment utilizing only 1sqm. We utilize 3 vision systems integrated with one robot controller with parallel processing. Therefore, the space occupied by one robot can manage three types of components transported by different conveyors.

3D vision Solution - Automation of the kitting and assembly lines

Challenge: Concerns due to the complexity of the mechanism design

The customer needed to deal with a high volume of complex assembly parts, so the solution required a massive customized mechanical design effort and it also required a 2D vision fine tune.

Solomon’s 3D Vision Solution

Solomon AI-based 3D vision system equipped with a structured light scanner facilitates the recognition of highly complex objects, allowing the robot to select the correct pick-point among overlapping complex objects, within the tolerance requirement of less than 1mm, performing a placing task with the required precision.

Challenge: Shorter Cycle Time

The project required an accurate coordination between multiple robots on different conveyors to perform ready-to-pick tasks simultaneously and within seconds.

Solomon’s 3D Vision Solution

AccuPick 3D managed to reduce the cycle time to less than 5 seconds for each component, by utilizing a fast structure light scanner and an AI-algorithm, which managed to recognize each part in under 2 seconds. Moreover, Solomon designed a multi-functional gripper helping the robot to perform pick-and-place tasks shortening the cycle time. AccuPick 3D controlled the robots equipped with 2 or 3 grippers that could continuously pick 2 to 3 different components and then place them to the required assembly spot maintaining the accuracy


Solomon AccuPick 3D can easily identify complex objects features through an AI engine in 3D and achieve placement accuracy of less than 1mm under 2 secs per part in average. Solomon solution also optimizes the usage of space, reducing it to only 1sqm. In addition, the Solomon vision/robot tasks have been seamlessly integrated with existing Siemens PLCs at the customer site.All the proposed solutions placed us above our competitors and made Solomon AccuPick 3D the perfect answer to fully automate the customer’s production line and help them to significantly increase the company’s ROI.

Do you face similar challenges in your automated kitting process?

Space constraints, extended cycle times and a high level of complexity in the parts you use?

3D vision Solution - Automation of the kitting and assembly lines
3D vision Solution - Automation of the kitting and assembly lines
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