Detecting sequencing of coffee capsules with AI

Variety of coffee capsules

Capsule coffee machines are a growing trend in recent years. Assortments of coffee beans are offered in disposable capsules differentiated by colors to indicate their origin, flavor, coffee type and more. Each of these capsules often have a designated position in the partitioned packaging box, and correct placement of the capsules are a reflection of product aesthetics and production quality.

Small and reflective capsules

Given the endless variety of coffee capsules, many of them come in similar colors that may not be obvious to the human eye. Capsules are usually in metal-based packaging that cause light reflection problems during image recognition. With conventional rule-based vision systems, specific lighting sources, lenses, and sensors are required in order to detect the subtle color differences of coffee capsules. However, such traditional inspection methods remain inefficient when faced with reflective material.

AI improves automated inspection performance

With Solvison, the placement of coffee capsules in boxes can be inspected and controlled. The system enables AI to learn the correct sequence and irregular sequences, as well as images of various coffee capsules, so that it can quickly locate and mark incorrectly placed capsules in a single detection. AI image recognition also offers advanced recognition capabilities, so that even highly reflective coffee capsules and discreet color differences do not hinder detection accuracy.

Coffee capsule testing case

Incorrect Sequence

Coffee capsule testing case

Missing Capsule

Coffee capsule testing case

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