From above of assorted plastic cups with coffee chaotically scattered on top on beige surface

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Product Packaging Sequence Detection Using AI


Efficiency and Precision in Coffee Capsule Packaging

Coffee capsule machines have gained popularity in recent years. These machines offer a range of coffee beans in disposable capsules, distinguished by color to signify their origin, flavor, and coffee type. Each capsule is typically assigned a specific position in the segmented packaging box, with proper placement serving as an indicator of both product aesthetics and production quality.


Overcoming Color Recognition Issues in Metal Packaging

Due to the abundant diversity of coffee capsules, a significant number share similar colors that can be challenging for the human eye to discern. These capsules are typically enclosed in metal-based packaging, leading to issues with light reflection during image recognition. Conventional rule-based vision systems necessitate specific lighting sources, lenses, and sensors to identify the subtle color distinctions of coffee capsules. However, these traditional inspection methods prove inefficient when confronted with reflective materials.


Precision AI Inspection with SolVision

SolVision enhances the automated inspection of coffee capsule placement in boxes. This system empowers artificial intelligence to grasp both the accurate and irregular sequences of capsule placement. By learning from diverse images of various coffee capsules, the AI can swiftly identify and flag incorrectly positioned capsules in a single detection. Moreover, AI image recognition provides advanced capabilities, overcoming challenges posed by highly reflective coffee capsules and subtle color differences, thereby ensuring high detection accuracy.


Coffee capsule testing case

Missing Capsule

Coffee capsule testing case

Incorrect Sequence


SolVision effectively addresses color recognition issues in packaging that has reflective metal surfaces, enhancing inspection accuracy.
SolVision enables precise identification of capsule sequences, overcoming the limitations of traditional inspection methods.
Advanced AI ensures high detection accuracy by enabling the system to recognize reflective materials and subtle color differences.

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