close-up of PCB assembly

META-aiviCase Study

PCB Assembly Verification Using AI


The customer is a leading IPC manufacturer, specializing in industrial computing solutions including x86 and RISC architecture-based products such as motherboards, computing systems, panel PCs, computer-on-modules, and IoT-ready devices.


Streamlining PCB Assembly

In electronics manufacturing, precision is crucial, particularly when assembling Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with multiple connectors. To maintain accuracy, assembly line workers receive training via instructional videos. Subsequently, the assembled PCBs undergo manual inspection to verify correct assembly.

close-up of PCB assembly


Limitations of Video Training and Manual Inspection

The reliance on training videos followed by manual inspections presents challenges in maintaining efficiency and ensuring quality assurance. The small size of connectors heightens the risk of errors during assembly, potentially resulting in misalignments or incorrect connections. Moreover, manual inspection consumes substantial time and resources. Consequently, the current process struggles to efficiently detect assembly errors, contributing to a notable 3% failure rate.


Real-time Guidance for Enhanced PCB Assembly

META-aivi, Solomon’s AR + AI vision system, offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges faced in PCB assembly. Using a mounted tablet, META-aivi provides real-time guidance to assembly line workers, ensuring each step is executed correctly according to standard operating procedures. The system validates each step in real-time, displaying ‘OK’ or ‘NG’ (not good) on the device screen for immediate feedback. This integration of AR + AI technology significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy in the assembly process while reducing reliance on manual inspection. META-aivi can also be used in PCB components inspection.


Increased assembly accuracy
Reduced inspection fail rate
Increased inspection efficiency
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