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SolVisionCase Study

Automated Vegetable AI Visual Inspection


The customer is a large European-based food producer looking to automate their vegetable inspection process prior to shipment.


AI Visual Inspection of Artichokes

The company currently uses a manual process to verify that each artichoke is placed in the correct orientation on the conveyor belt before packaging. This is a laborious and time-consuming process that prevents operators from carrying out more important tasks.

Green artichokes on white background


Correct Orientation and Angle Detection

Each artichoke is different, which is why the customer wanted a solution capable of identifying the orientation and angle of each vegetable regardless of size, shape, or ripeness grade, to be completed within a strict cycle time of 80 milliseconds per artichoke. Additionally, the customer expected to be able to export the inspection data to their existing database as part of their automation process.


Rapid and Precise AI Inspection with SolVision

Using SolVision, Solomon’s core AI machine vision system, an AI model was capable of quickly and accurately identifying the orientation and angle of each artichoke, using its stem as the point of reference, regardless of the size of the stem itself. SolVision also allowed for the AI inspection results to be exported through a wide range of communication protocols.


100% detection accuracy regardless of the shape, size, or ripeness of each product.
Rapid inspection cycle time of 50 milliseconds per artichoke.
Exceeded customer’s expectations by successfully detecting orientation whilst significantly reducing overall inspection time.
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