When AI Meets AR: Solomon 3D Launches Revolutionary Vision Solution

With the advent of talent shortages in an era where digitization is key to production, Solomon Technology Corporation is revolutionizing the industrial landscape by launching META-aivi—an industrial solution that combines AI-powered object recognition overlays with augmented reality—for companies to scale their production and enhance their workforce.

This voice-controlled solution offers hands-free training and troubleshooting support for frontline operators to solve different tasks with minimal instruction, easily bridging the gap between skilled and unskilled workers, helping them to upskill, troubleshoot different workstations, and execute day-to-day tasks with newfound ease and efficiency.

Pioneering AI Vision with AR Experiences

META-aivi is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution that reduces frontline errors by combining the benefits of human dexterity with intelligent machine vision.

In describing the benefits of META-aivi, Johnny Chen, President of Solomon stated that “through the combination of AI and augmented reality, operators can accurately identify a wide variety of objects in applications such as validation, counting, and many others, which allows companies to reduce human error and increase frontline throughput”.

“In addition, (META-aivi) can optimize the desired aspects of operations without the complicated and time-consuming system integration,” Chen added.

With only a few image samples, META-aivi can be easily trained to accurately identify the items to be worked with. Traditionally, the benefits of AI in manufacturing can only be harnessed through full automation, but with this solution, companies can enjoy them at a lower cost and with a shorter implementation time.

Infinite Possibilities to META-aivi

A multitude of industries—including, but not limited to, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, and automotive—have begun incorporating this solution, which seamlessly integrates AI and AR to optimize a wide range of operational processes:

Validation: Confirm staff members properly follow the operational guidelines.
Counting: Perform instant machine recognition for accurate and fast counting.
Identification/Classification: Ensure items are correctly placed and organized.
Inspection: Identify defects on multi-sided objects that are difficult to inspect using a fully automated line.
Optical Character Recognition: Save time when identifying and recording characters.

With the ongoing talent shortage worldwide, productivity and quality are concerns that must be addressed and improved. META-aivi’s accuracy, flexibility, and low latency that provide its users with an almost instant display of the recognition results make it the perfect alternative to full industrial automation.

About Solomon

Solomon is an award-winning developer of AI and 3D vision solutions with a mission to enable robots with human-like recognition capabilities. Its visionary wearable AI solution enhances frontline workers’ cognition through augmented reality applications.

This article was originally published in PRNewswire on May 4, 2022

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