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Optimizing PCB Assembly Processes

AI visual inspection of electronic components

Inspecting different component insertions

An assembled printed circuit board (PCB) comprises many small electronic components such as resistors, transformers and chipsets that require complicated manufacturing processes. Having checkpoints to make sure that each required component is present and placed correctly is a key task to boosting production throughput.

AI visual inspection of electronic components

Error-prone manual visual comparisons

Assembled PCBs can have dozens of different parts and setup, and subtle differences may not be obvious to the human eye. Manual inspections are easily susceptible to missed or inaccurate detections, and are hard to optimize. 

AI anomaly detection

Powered by AI, SolVision’s one-shot learning Anomaly Detection tool can learn from a golden sample to recognize undesired characteristics such as incorrect placement of parts or missing components on an assembled PCB. Through high speed image analysis, the system can identify precise differences between the sample and product to locate anomalies and improve inspection efficiency.

AI Inspection

Golden Sample

Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes

Defective PCB

Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes

Capacitor Defect

Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes
Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes

Missing Components

Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes
Optimizing PCBA Assembly Processes
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