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Coin Recognition Using AI


Inspecting and Classifying Coins

Coins, initially introduced in ancient times as a form of payment, have evolved to play a crucial role in currency circulation. Following the minting process, coins undergo meticulous manual inspections to ensure their size and appearance meet the required standards before undergoing classification screening.


Overcoming Identical Patterns and Size Variations

Classifying highly reflective and similar coins poses a significant challenge. Despite recent efforts to incorporate visual technology into minting processes, coins remain particularly challenging for machines to identify due to their nearly identical metal materials, patterns, and minimal size variations. An illustrative example is found in the Indonesian Rupiah, where coins in denominations of 100, 200, and 500 share identical patterns and exhibit only subtle size differences. Traditional inspection systems struggle to effectively handle reflective metals, and when faced with nearly identical coins with minute variations, rule-based systems are highly susceptible to misclassification.


Effortlessly Analyzing Coins with Precision AI

SolVision has transformed coin identification with cutting-edge image processing technology, utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze up to 50 distinct coins effortlessly. Resilient against factors like oxidation, the system’s meticulous training process refines the AI model to categorize entire batches with exceptional precision, simplifying tasks for bank tellers and cashiers when dealing with large coin volumes.


Japanese Yen ¥500 coin

Japanese Yen ¥500

Spanish Euro €0.05 coin

Spanish Euro €0.05


SolVision utilizes advanced image processing and algorithms to accurately analyze up to 50 distinct coins, addressing challenges like reflective surfaces and identical patterns with subtle size variations.
SolVision is effective in handling coins with shared patterns, such as the Indonesian Rupiah, and is resistant to factors like oxidation, ensuring robust and accurate coin identification.
SolVision’s AI-driven system streamlines coin inspection, simplifying tasks for bank tellers and cashiers dealing with large volumes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing potential errors associated with manual inspections in financial institutions.
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