Plastic Parts Semi-Structured Bin Picking


The customer is a producer and supplier of sanitary equipment, serving numerous countries across Europe.


Efficient and Precise Automated Part Picking Solution Required

The customer needed an automated solution for efficiently picking and transferring parts. The objective was to automate the process of extracting parts from bins and placing them onto a rotating carousel, where a separate machine would create threads in the plastic for bolts.

Previously, this task was performed using manual machines, which caused interruptions and hindered uninterrupted operation. Moreover, the customer sought a reliable solution capable of precisely identifying the ideal picking point for objects arranged in a semi-structured layout.


Enhancing Precision and Automation for Optimized Bin Picking with AccuPick 3D

Solomon’s award-winning solution, AccuPick 3D, provided bin picking with its autonomous system that significantly enhanced robot precision.

By integrating our powerful bin picking software with SolScan, our industrial 3D camera, we captured high-quality images at the start of each cycle, enabling precise recalibration of part positions within the bin.

This meticulous procedure empowered the UR10 cobot to accomplish its mission flawlessly, meeting the customer’s accuracy requirements and facilitating complete task automation.


Accuracy requirements met.
Full task automation increased throughput.
Errors reduced.

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