assorted shiny metal parts

AccuPickCase Study

Shiny Metal Parts Bin Picking


The customer is Mergon, a leading design and manufacturing company that specializes in producing assemblies and components for various industries, including the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors.


Challenges in Part Identification and Handling: Mergon’s Quest for an Advanced Vision Solution

Mergon sought an advanced vision solution capable of accurately identifying the shiny top and bottom views of buckle pieces (measuring 1.5cm x 1.5cm) within a tray. The solution needed to achieve a picking accuracy of up to 1mm.

The customer recognized the challenge of individually handling each part using a high-end bowl feeder, primarily due to the lightweight nature and slippery surface of the objects.


AccuPick 3D: Empowering Mergon with Efficient Part Detection and Picking

Solomon’s integrated vision system offers numerous advantages, including the capability to detect shiny surfaces. AccuPick 3D, a part of Solomon’s solution, utilizes SolScan, an industrial scanner, to generate high-quality 3D point cloud data. This enabled optimal picking point identification even when objects overlapped.

Mergon benefited from Solomon’s bin picking solution, AccuPick 3D, which provided enhanced flexibility by allowing coverage of a wide range of manufacturing parts using a single scanner and AI software.

With Solomon’s solution, Mergon experienced significant time savings, as the need for mechanical programming was reduced, resulting in a faster return on investment.


AccuPick 3D enabled Mergon to detect and pick parts efficiently.
Using SolScan, an industrial scanner, AccuPick 3D accurately identified picking points, even when objects overlapped.
Mergon experienced significant time savings and improved return on investment by reducing mechanical programming and utilizing a single scanner and AI software.

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