• casino chips on a poker table

    Casino Chips Counting Verification Using AI

    META-aivi verification ensures 100% accuracy in casino chips counting, enhancing cash out security and efficiency in one of Asia’s largest casinos.

  • Mixed pallets of home appliances inside a warehouse

    Automated Mixed Depalletizing Using AI

    AccuPick streamlines automated mixed depalletizing for a leading home appliances manufacturer with the speed and precision of our AI vision technology.

  • Inspection engineers preparing to rappel down a rotor blade of a wind turbine in a wind farm on a clear day with blue sky

    Wind Turbine Inspection Using Drones + AI

    META-aivi maximizes wind turbine inspection efficiency with AI-powered drones, mitigating human error in onshore and offshore wind farm maintenance.

  • transceiver module electronic component soldering inspection using AI

    Electronic Components Soldering Inspection Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes electronic components inspection, using AI to increase accuracy and reduce human error in soldering inspection.

  • transparent IV bag on a clear background

    Foreign Particle Detection in IV Bags

    SolVision achieves a 100% detection rate of foreign particles in IV bags through an innovative AI vision system for efficient defect detection.

  • semi-transparent baby bottle nipples in a blue bin ready for bin picking

    Bin Picking Semi-Transparent Items Using AI

    Discover how our automated bin picking solution AccuPick successfully detects, picks, and places semi-transparent items with speed, precision, and efficiency.

  • 3D Object Positioning with Vision Guided Robotics

    SolMotion’s advanced AI is capable of detecting randomly placed auto parts regardless of their position, orientation, or appearance, optimizing assembly.

  • leftover plastic parts from plastic injection molding machine

    Verifying Plastic Parts for Recycling Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes waste management with AI, reducing errors and avoiding contamination while enhancing the efficiency of plastic parts recycling.

  • close-up of PCB assembly

    PCB Assembly Verification Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes PCB assembly and inspection for a leading IPC manufacturer, enhancing precision and efficiency with AR + AI verification.