META-aiviCase Study

Inventory Management Using AR + AI


Inventory Management in Logistics

The logistics industry comprises enterprises that provide a range of services, including consolidation, sorting, and distribution. Depending on customer requirements, logistics operators may also function as wholesalers, enabling goods to be stored in warehouses within logistics centers for swift shipment. Effective inventory management is crucial for accurately assessing inventory status and upholding quality standards.

a forklift truck drives past stacked shelves insides a warehouse


Improving Inventory Management Efficiency

Given the extensive number of items/SKUs and reliance on manual counting, along with the laborious and time-consuming nature of inventory operations, errors can easily occur due to worker fatigue or distractions. Consequently, logistics operators aim to implement smart inventory systems to reduce manpower burdens, enhance inventory efficiency, and mitigate the risk of counting errors through intelligent applications.


AI-Powered Item Detection and Counting

META-aivi combines AI technology with augmented reality, empowering warehouse personnel to utilize AI analytical capabilities for fast and precise item identification and counting. Solomon’s advanced AI can learn shapes and packaging with just 10% of the samples typically required by ordinary AI vision systems, ensuring swift recognition. Compatible with major AR glasses brands and fixed IP cameras, META-aivi can also integrate seamlessly with regular smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, thereby reducing hardware costs.


Improved inventory efficiency
Streamlined workflows
Reduced counting errors
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