Glass Fiber Bobbin De-racking Automation

Solomon’s 3D AI Solution

The Solomon’s 3D AI Solution – the Solomon 3D camera was mounted on the end axis of the robotic arm, allowing it to scan and recognize the bobbin location utilizing the AI image recognition system. By providing precise coordinates (3mm accuracy), the system helped the robot to accurately carry out the unloading task from the rack to the next automation station.


 The customer is a well-known international chemical glass fiber manufacturing company headquartered in Asia.

Customer Requirements and Challenges:

In this factory, the handling of glass fiber bobbin was a repetitive process that consisted of tediously loading and unloading materials from the rack to the station, this motivated our customer to adopt an automated de-racking solution .

Challenge: Random bobbin positioning doesn’t work for a robot without vision

To automate the loading/unloading process, the robot required to know the exact position of the bobbin but the rack’s generic design prevented this. Only robotic 3D Ai vision could overcome this challenge.

Do you face similar scenario in your de-racking process?

Dealing with accuracy constraints and tedious tasks that could be automated.

3D vision Solution - client success stories 玻璃纖維線軸取放流程
3D vision Solution - client success stories 玻璃纖維線軸取放流程
3D Vision Solution - client success stories