Industrial Automation Solutions

Augmented Intelligence Solutions

Solomon excels in industrial automation and augmented intelligence, specializing in AI inspection, process optimization, and empowering frontline workers with AI-powered AR solutions.

What sets Solomon apart is the rapid AI model training embedded in our systems, allowing users to customize models with minimal time investment. Our strong focus on productivity and innovation positions us at the forefront of industrial AI and 3D vision applications, excelling in defect detection, bin picking, and workforce optimization.

With a global presence, Solomon delivers tailored solutions to renowned customers across diverse industries, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, luxury goods, logistics, and F&B. Our commitment to practical, efficient solutions establishes Solomon as a trusted partner in industrial AI and automation.

Solomon AI and 3D Vision Products

AccuPick Instant

AccuPick Instant is a smart, swift, and savvy solution for robotic handling applications. It excels in rapid AI model training, generating precise picking points and orientations in mere seconds, eliminating the need for exhaustive annotations and model training common in traditional AI-based bin picking systems.


META-aivi is a versatile AI vision system that transforms smart devices into powerful Augmented Intelligence tools by combining machine vision with human dexterity to minimize human error, improve safety, enhance security, and optimize frontline performance with portable machine vision.


SolVision is our flagship AI vision system that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize inspection and reduce inspection time whilst increasing inspection accuracy across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, textiles, and electronics.


SolMotion is an award-winning vision guided robotics solution that uses 3D vision and machine learning to guide robots to execute tasks with speed and precision.

AccuPick 3D

AccuPick 3D is an award-winning smart bin picking solution that uses 3D machine vision to accurately detect and pick random or unknown objects, regardless of their appearance, spatial location, or orientation.

AccuPick LM

AccuPick LM, developed by Solomon on the UR+ ecosystem, is an innovative automation solution that optimizes material handling and machine tending with fast and accurate positioning, eliminating the need for structured light or 3D vision guidance.

AccuPick SmartPack

AccuPick SmartPack is a state-of-the-art intelligent packing solution that uses advanced AI and 3D vision to optimally fill boxes, reducing shipping costs and packing materials wastage.


JustPick is Solomon’s dedicated picking solution for intralogistics that automates picking processes whilst enabling cobots to handle unknown SKUs without interruption or the need for object recognition training.


SolScan is an industrial 3D camera that utilizes structured light technology to provide a fast and dependable solution for developing customizable 3D applications across multiple industries.

Case Studies

As a leader in industrial AI and automation, Solomon has assisted 100s of companies across multiple industries throughout the world, implementing our automation solutions and augmented intelligence systems. View the case studies below to find out more.

AccuPick 3DSemi-Structured Bin Picking

SolVisionAI Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays

SolMotionVision Guided Robotics in Automotive Processes

Featured Product | AccuPick Instant

AccuPick Instant is an instant intelligence picking solution for robotic handling applications that offers unmatched efficiency, quick deployment, and is capable of rapid AI model training with minimal annotations needed, allowing easy handling of multiple SKUs and swift addition of new objects to existing picking tasks within minutes, rather than hours.

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At Solomon we pride ourselves on delivering our innovative solutions with impeccable service. This section showcases the experiences of some of our customers and partners, giving an insight into the level of care and attention that Solomon brings to each project.

“We’ve been working with Solomon since April of 2022. Solomon has been one of the most collaborative teams we’ve ever worked with. Super supportive on all the initiatives we’ve put together. They’ve worked hard on achieving the most proper solution for our shoes using SolMotion. Now our operators will no more have wrist pain caused from the monotonous manual operation of locking golf spikes. They will place the shoes in the system, start the system up, and in the meantime support their colleagues in the finishing line, if necessary. Thanks to Solomon, we’ve built a smart solution for our production.”

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“Solomon’s AI-3D Vision System, SolVision, is a very unique software with outstanding features. Supporting a wide range of robots, we were able to build a superior robot control system. With the constant evolving of their software and the support in a kind and polite way, makes Solomon a preferred partner of Japanese System Integrators.”

“We have been very pleased with both the Solomon product and company as a whole. The product is very versatile and easier to use than other 3D vision systems we have used in the past. The AccuPick system offers functionality that no other company can yet.”

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Partners and Customers

Solomon serves a global customer base of large enterprises and SMEs across a wide range of industries, including electronics, manufacturing, F&B, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and logistics. Our extensive network of partners and systems integrators allows us to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions no matter where you are in the world. With years of experience in industrial automation and workforce optimization, we are able to support companies and organizations with a diverse variety of AI, 3D vision, and augmented intelligence projects.

Awards and Recognition

Solomon is a multi-award-winning technology company, having consistently received recognition from Taiwan Excellence, and winning the 2020 Red Dot Award: Best of the Best Interface Design award and the Vision System Design 2019: Innovators Gold Award. With a rich heritage of technological innovation and expertise, we remain committed to providing world-class machine vision solutions and services to our valued customers and partners.

  • AccuPick 3D Vision with NVIDIA Isaac

    Solomon AI and 3D Vision has integrated the latest NVIDIA technology into our automation solutions for enhanced robotic motion planning.

  • Global Industrie 2024 invitation

    Solomon at Global Industrie 2024

    We’re showcasing AccuPick smart bin picking and META-aivi AR + AI vision at Global Industrie 2024. Visit booth 5D158 to experience these solutions firsthand.

  • SECON 2024 invitation

    Solomon at SECON 2024

    Join us in Korea at SECON 2024, booth F154, to discover the latest smart security applications of META-aivi, Solomon’s unique AR + AI vision system.

  • Intelligent Asia Thailand 2024 invitation

    Solomon at Intelligent Asia Thailand 2024

    Visit booth 146 at Intelligent Asia Thailand 2024 for an introduction to AccuPick smart bin picking, SolVision AI vision, and META-aivi AR + AI vision.

  • graphic with the text 'Solomon AI x Epson AR'

    AI x AR Industrial Application Seminar [Solomon AI x Epson AR]

    Join this industry seminar in Taipei which showcases AR + AI integration with Solomon’s META-aivi and Epson’s BT-45CS AR Smart Glasses. Register online today!

  • SEMICON Taiwan 2023 invitation

    Solomon at SEMICON Taiwan 2023

    Visit booth P5718 for breakthrough automation and augmented intelligence solutions from Solomon AI and 3D Vision at SEMICON Taiwan.