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Automating Inspection Processes for PCBs

AI powered detection of PCB assembly defects

Assembling PCBs for electronic products

Printed circuit boards (PBCs) are the core of most electronic devices and the foundation on which various electronic components are assembled.  After assembly, they need to be inspected to ensure all components are correctly assembled and in the right position according to their serial number, in order for the PCB to function properly.

AI powered detection of PCBA assembly defects

Too many, too complex for traditional inspections

An assembled PCBs carries many types of electronic components including resistors, capacitors, and transistors, which all have their specific positions according to the layout and the nature of the circuit. These components also vary from number and size to appearance and assembly specifications, and must be installed correctly for the PCB to work. Given the complexity of the PCBs, rule-based inspection systems tend to be error-prone and rely on manual reinspection to improve detection rates. To meet growing production demands, a more efficient inspection solution is necessary. 

Next generation visual inspections with SolVision

Powered by AI, SolVision first defines assembly characteristics of each component on the assembled PCB, then trains the AI model to recognize them via image processing to inspect for defective components. Abnormal situations such as missing parts or assembly errors can be quickly detected in real time, improving production yield and quality.

AI Inspection

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 Incorrect Installation

Printed circuit board defect detection case

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