• Egg Quality Inspection and Classification

    SolVision recognizes defects and categorizes eggs, enabling automated AI inspection on a fast moving production line for better food safety and quality control.

  • AI Visual Identification and Classification of Cells

    Deploy SolVision’s advanced AI model to identify and classify cells where traditional AOI systems are insufficient in detecting and determining cell variations

  • Close-up Photography of a Power Tool

    AI Inspection of Stamped Metal Parts

    There are many types of defects that may appear differently each time on the stamped parts, in particular oil or water stains, which are not easily detected.

  • AI Inspection for Semiconductor Components

    Overcoming traditional AOI limitations, Solomon’s SolVision quickly performs OCR without being affected by background or lighting conditions, complexity, or appearance of the serial number.

  • IV Bag Classification Using AI

    SolVision enables IV bag classification, streamlining sorting processes and ensuring greater accuracy. Explore our advanced AI-based inspection solution.

  • Defect Inspection of Metal Casings Using AI

    SolVision elevates quality control in electronics with AI capable of defect detection and classification of metal casings that have reflective surfaces.