• leftover plastic parts from plastic injection molding machine

    Verifying Plastic Parts for Recycling Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes waste management with AI, reducing errors and avoiding contamination while enhancing the efficiency of plastic parts recycling.

  • Intelligent Remote Facility Management

    Machine vision is utilized to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This information is sent to the cloud to create an inspection report, allowing plant operators to easily monitor facility inspection through mobile devices.

  • AI Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays

    With SolVision’s Instance Segmentation tool, the various placement possibilities of chips on carrier trays can be learned by AI image processing.

  • Inspecting Packaged Semiconductor Chips

    The Anomaly Detection tool uses deep learning technology to teach the AI model sample images of “perfect” wafers.

  • a group of square objects

    Detecting Chipping Defects in Wafer Dicing

    The location, size and shape of cracks vary each time, and traditional optical inspection cannot accurately identify such unpredictable defects.

  • Quality Control of Wafer Dicing

    Using SolVision’s Instance Segmentation tool, irregular lines and multi-drilling defects are labeled in sample images to train the AI model.

  • black and white labeled box

    AI Inspection Solution for Semiconductor Wafers

    Using SolVision’s AI Inspection Solution, minute defects such as fine scratches can be located and marked on sample images to train the AI model.

  • Central Processor Of A Computer

    Inspecting Semiconductor Packaging Processes

    SolVision enables visual inspection through AI image analysis, strengthening the reliability of displacement and angle information to recognize defective products and errors in the die bonding process.

  • a group of square objects

    Automating Semiconductor Wafer Inspections

    Faulty wafers also usually have subtle defects randomly scattered on the surface, and this prevents AOI systems from setting rules for efficient inspections.