Man in Black Jacket and Black Knit Cap Inspecting Car Engine

SolVisionCase Study

Recognition of Automobile Identification Numbers

Fast character recognition in complex backgrounds

Car engine identification numbers

A finished automobile is required to pass various inspections and quality tests before leaving the factory. Each unit has a unique identification number and engine number that is used for tracking its information. 

Fast character recognition in complex backgrounds

Imprinting flaws and shadows

Identification numbers are often imprinted onto the engine, so when images are captured they are susceptible to shadow interference, uneven fonts or uneven lighting. This makes it hard for machines to process the numbers, and with manual inspection, the process remains slow.

Converting images into data with AI

Using Solvison’s Segmentation tool, sample images of identification numbers can be used to train an AI model to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With OCR, identification numbers can be analysed and converted into numerical data for logging into the factory’s database and connecting with the car identification number in real time.

AI Inspection

Font defects in different backgrounds

Engine number identification case

Engine number identification case

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