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AI Inspection on Reflective Metal Surfaces

Automated inspection and classification of different defects Quality control of hardware product casing

Quality control of hardware product casing

Consumer electronic devices such as computers have hardware casings that need to be inspected before assembly to maintain quality consistency.

Reflective surfaces can be difficult to inspect

Subtle defects such as scratches on metal surfaces are hard to detect under normal lighting conditions, and barely visible to the human eye, making it challenging for such inspection tasks to be carried out manually.

Efficient inspection and classification with SolVision

Using SolVision’s Segmentation tool, the system can be trained to recognize different defects based on their unique features, then build a database that sorts them into customizable categories – in this case, ‘noticeable defects’, ‘minor defects’, and ‘micro defects’. AI deep learning recognizes ‘noticeable defects’ and disregards smaller, acceptable defects to improve inspection accuracy and speed, while also ensuring unsatisfactory products do not enter the assembly process.

Defect classification

Level 1 : Obvious Defects

Level 2 : Minor Defects

Level 3 : Micro Defects

AI Inspection on Reflective Metal Surfaces

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