a stack of metal sheets on top of a metal table

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Defect Inspection of Metal Casings Using AI


Hardware Casing Quality Control

To ensure consistent quality, consumer electronic devices like PCs require the inspection of their hardware casings before assembly.

Defect inspection of metal casing using SolVision AI visual inspection software


Difficulties Inspecting Reflective Surfaces

Detecting subtle defects, such as scratches on metal surfaces, becomes challenging under normal lighting conditions, as they are barely visible to the human eye. This makes manual inspection tasks difficult to perform.


Efficient Inspection and Classification with SolVision

With SolVision‘s segmentation tool, the AI vision system can be trained to identify various defects based on their distinctive features. It then builds a database categorizing defects into customizable groups, such as ‘Obvious Defects’, ‘Minor Defects’, and ‘Micro Defects’. Through AI deep learning, the system recognizes defects, enhancing inspection accuracy and speed by disregarding smaller, acceptable defects. This ensures that unsatisfactory products are prevented from entering the assembly process.


Obvious defects detected on a metal casing using SolVision AI vision software

Obvious Defects

Minor defects detected on a metal casing using SolVision AI vision software

Minor Defects

Micro defects detected on a metal casing using SolVision AI vision software

Micro Defects


Prevented unsatisfactory items in product assembly
Enhanced inspection accuracy and speed
Customizable defect classification
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