food quality inspection of apples on a conveyor in a factory

META-aiviCase Study

Food Quality Inspection Using AR + AI


The client is an Asia-based frozen food manufacturer that supplies ready meals to national and international supermarket chains.


Improving Manual Food Inspection

The customer required an efficient solution for inspecting ingredients to ensure quality control in frozen food production. Traditionally, this task was performed manually. However, the extended working hours needed for inspection resulted in fatigue among production line workers, leading to errors and oversights in the process.

food quality inspection of apples on a conveyor in a factory


Efficient Foreign Object Detection Process

All foreign objects had to be accurately identified to guarantee the safety of ingredients for processing. The size and type of impurities varied, posing a significant challenge for detection through unaided manual visual inspection. The inspection process needed to be thorough to ensure product quality, all while avoiding delays in food production.


Optimizing Food Quality Control with AR + AI

META-aivi harnesses the capabilities of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to develop customized AI models capable of accurately identifying various foreign objects in different food ingredients. By deploying META-aivi through AR glasses and IP cameras, production line workers could conduct inspections and detection in real-time with precision, thereby enhancing the overall quality and output of food production.


Enabled detection of all foreign objects
AR detection and AI inspection completed in real-time
Improved overall food quality through accurate detection

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