• transceiver module electronic component soldering inspection using AI

    Electronic Components Soldering Inspection Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes electronic components inspection, using AI to increase accuracy and reduce human error in soldering inspection.

  • leftover plastic parts from plastic injection molding machine

    Verifying Plastic Parts for Recycling Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes waste management with AI, reducing errors and avoiding contamination while enhancing the efficiency of plastic parts recycling.

  • close-up of PCB assembly

    PCB Assembly Verification Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes PCB assembly and inspection for a leading IPC manufacturer, enhancing precision and efficiency with AR + AI verification.

  • cable and connector for USB, Type-C, Micro USB, Lightning, on a white background in isolation, collage

    AI Recognition and Classification of Connectivity Cables

    META-aivi transforms cable inspection with AI, ensuring precision in recognition, classification, and defect detection for efficient electronics manufacturing.

  • assorted metal parts

    Metal Parts Bin Picking

    Solomon’s AccuPick and SolScan technology enable accurate component orientation identification, facilitating precise positioning, while AccuPick’s ROS Motion Planning ensures collision-free picking.

  • PCB Inspection Using AR Glasses

    Using AR glasses and our easy-to-operate wearable AI, operators are able to accurately identify PCB components and verify that they have been placed correctly.

  • green laser beams

    Vision Guided Robotics for Laser Marking Applications

    SolMotion offers precise and continuous laser marking with AI-based 3D scanning technology, enabling real-time part positioning for robots to identify and mark objects accurately.

  • PCB Inspection Using AI

    SolVision enhances PCB inspection efficiency and accuracy by identifying defective PCB components in real-time through AI vision and advanced image processing.

  • AI Inspection for Aluminum LEDs

    SolVision can locate and recognize the smallest defects and production anomalies on aluminum PCBAs through image processing.