Metal Processing

  • metal rails stacked in a railway yard

    Automated Rail Edge Trimming Using AI

    SolMotion vision guided robotics enables AI-driven automation of rail edge trimming, enhancing efficiency and supply in railway manufacturing.

  • unpolished metal workpieces in a bin

    Bin Picking Unpolished Metal for CNC Machining

    AccuPick optimizes CNC machining with precision bin picking. Learn how AccuPick + SolScan streamlines machine tending tasks with AI.

  • high quality Galvanized steel pipe or Aluminum and chrome stainless pipes in stack waiting for shipment in warehouse

    Parts Inventory Management Using AR + AI

    META-aivi uses artificial intelligence to accurately identify size variations of the pipes instantaneously. Using the fast counting feature, all the different parts are classified and counted within seconds.

  • Grinding Metal Parts with Vision Guided Robotics

    Automating precise grinding with SolMotion’s 3D matching tech. Enhance quality, reduce waste, and boost productivity in metal component manufacturing.

  • Visual Inspection of Stainless Steel Tubes

    SolVision’s superior recognition capabilities ensures that OCR of bicycles can be accurately carried out regardless of how the identification numbers look or light refraction levels.

  • Quality Inspection of Golf Clubs

    With AI-based SolVision, production imperfections on club heads can be detected no matter their size, appearance, or location.

  • Close-up Photography of a Power Tool

    AI Inspection of Stamped Metal Parts

    There are many types of defects that may appear differently each time on the stamped parts, in particular oil or water stains, which are not easily detected.

  • AI Defect Detection for Spiral-Surfaced Metals

    Small, spiral-surfaced metal parts can be inspected using SolVision’s Instance Segmentation tool to learn the different types of cut marks or collision faults from sample images, then building an AI model to recognize these subtle defects.

  • Defect Inspection of Metal Casings Using AI

    SolVision elevates quality control in electronics with AI capable of defect detection and classification of metal casings that have reflective surfaces.