Petrochemicals Plastics and Rubber

  • metal or plastic injection mold machine setup on high pressure

    Injection Molding Machine Monitoring Using IP Cams

    META-aivi optimizes plastic injection molding with automated machine malfunction detection and monitoring to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and cut costs.

  • Pressure gauge psi meter in pipe and valves of water, oil and gas system industry

    Gauge Meter Reading Using AR + AI

    Explore META-aivi’s impact on plastics manufacturing, achieving 70% faster gauge meter readings, automated data uploads, and reduced meter reading errors.

  • complex plastic parts aligned in a bin

    Plastic Parts Semi-Structured Bin Picking

    Solomon’s AccuPick solution enhances bin picking precision by integrating powerful software with the SolScan 3D camera, enabling precise recalibration and facilitating complete task automation.

  • Loading and Unloading Tanker Trucks Safely Using AR + AI

    META-aivi uses AI detection to perform a step-by-step inspection of the chemical tanker loading/unloading process to ensure the operator is following the correct procedure.

  • AI Visual Inspection of Drywall Panels

    The AI model can be trained to accurately detect and locate the defects on the drywall to improve product quality and production yield.

  • AI Inspection of Rubber Tires

    Inner wheels are rubber rings that each have a corresponding serial number to help identify its model specifications and matching tire size.

  • 快速精準辨識多種橡膠射出成型之瑕疵

    Inspecting Rubber Injection Molded Parts Using AI

    SolVision revolutionizes rubber injection molded parts inspection with AI for precise defect detection, ensuring improved quality control through deep learning.

  • AI Inspection of Plastic Buckles

    Powered by artificial intelligence, SolVision features four individual tools designed for different inspection tasks.